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Houses For Sale in New Caney, Texas: Things To Consider Before Buying a Home

Posted by Matthew Guzman on January 11, 2019
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It goes without warning that buying a home is financially overwhelming. Much thought has to be made before one finally decides to take a serious and committal plunge into real estate.


Here are a few good things to look at before looking for new homes in New Caney:

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  • Before anything else, look for uneven or bouncy floors.


A trick when looking at homes is to toss a marble onto various areas of the floor of every room. The older a house, the more it is needed to run a marble test to gauge whether or not any of the floors are uneven. Many times, floors can be subtle with only a hump in the center. Deflections can be expensive because existing floors have to be ripped, you have to look for a floor that matches, and you have to fix and sturdy-up support columns. There’s also a considerable chance that foundation work will have to be worked on.

  • Be mindful of an abundance of room fresheners.


Houses that are sprayed with room fresheners a little more than regular have high chances of being naturally rotten-smelling on normal days. Your goal should be to determine whether or not there is an odor coming from somewhere in the home. It could be anything. A mold, built-up sewage, animal pee, dead rodents, the list can go on.


  • Look out for when loud music is being played in every room.


When you visit open houses, and you notice that loud music, whether white noise or pop music is subtly being herd as background noise, it’s usually to mask the noise outside. If possible, ask for music to be turned down or turned off entirely and assess for yourself if you can take in the level of volume from the outside.


  • Always make sure the home you’re buying has a 3R Report.


It’s vital to make sure that the property you’re purchasing has the Report of Residential Building Record otherwise known as the 3R Report. Consider this document to resemble that of a report card—but for houses. If the homeowner claims that they’ve replaced the deck, if not add one, you should find that in the 3R report. If it’s not there, chances of the claim being false are high. If not, the deck might not have been rehabilitated with the right standards, and therefore may not be safe in the long run.



  • Beware of home sellers who spray paint grass and outside plants.


Many desperate home sellers resort to this cheating scheme. If you feel that some plants are incredibly green, even for their own good, bring it up. Curb appeal is essential, yes. However, to achieve exterior aesthetic is to be authentic with finances, too. If a seller is bent on making sure the home is worth the price they’re selling it for, they have to put in the goods and spend for that, too. Remember that homes are investments for a reason, and investments involve much money beforehand.


If you’re looking for brand new homes to move into the Lone Star state, check out houses in New Caney, Texas!

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